Welcome back

After a looong long time, here I am again..I hope you will forgive me for my abscence which is in fact motivated - long hours at the office and a great trip to barcelona with my friend Sese and her boyfriend Mircea. Do you think that the saying "abscence makes the heart grow fonder" will work this time? :)

In the lovely city of BCN I took a lot of great pictures for the street style section and not only...I can probably make you a list of at least twenty things to do while you are visiting the city of Gaudi..hmm, it sounds pretty interesting, maybe I will make this list in a future post...

So..until I make up my mind regarding the future content of this blog , here is an obsessive song I can't stop listening to..




  1. Good to have you back. Ti-a placut Sagrada Familia?

  2. thanks, good to be back :) mi-a placut foarte mult, insa pe afara :) era o coada imensa si nu am avut rabdare sa mai stau, trebuia sa ajung si la picasso:D

  3. Damn ! Mereu e asa.Sper ca ai vizitat si acvariul :)!

  4. dap, am fost si la acvariu, am facut o mie de poze, apoi ne-au furat/am pierdut aparatul foto :))ai fost si tu pe acolo?