Travel should take you places*

While writing this below i discovered a song :)

*That's a slogan that really got to me at the beginning of last year when i was coming back home from my first skiing trip. I was in the backseat of a car on a highway from austria to munchen and as we were getting closer to the airport, looking out on the window , i noticed a big ad on the wall of a huge warehouse by the side of the road. "That sounds funny" i said to myself and to the others around me. And somehow it got stuck in my head, to the point that i even wrote it on an envelope where i began putting  money away for trips around the world. 

Travel should take me places. It took me to the place in my life where i started to wonder..where am i heading? if i really start to think about how i have changed in the last few years, in a way i can't even compare the now me, with the 18 years old version of myself. In the last couple of years the "present me" started to take shape, and i have a really good feeling that i am heading in the right direction, even if i don't know exactly which is it.

 I just came back from Barcelona last night and yes, the inspiration for this post comes from this time spent away with absolutely no worries whatsoever, just getting in touch with myself.

As I said before, looking back at the most recent phases i have been through i can say that now i'm at the beginning of a new one.I just put on hold the "focus on the career" phase in which i have been for four years and opened my eyes to a new perspective which seemed so far away until now, but now it seems closer/more possible than ever.

Me and my friends were talking a lot about taking a year off, a gap year just for traveling all over the world, meeting new people, trying new things, gathering memories for the time we will all drink a coffee on a porch and look at our grandchildren play together. So we started discussing when we should to do it, some of us have to take some exams, some have absolutely no worries, some want to settle better at their workplace before leaving. It became somehow clear that we weren't able to do this at the same time. The whole subject was left on hold for the moment.

But while i was away, the thought that i should do something meaningful for me during my lifetime started making more and more room in my head. Sitting on the beach in Sitges, and debating this subject, i started to think..what if instead of a gap year, i could have a "gap" life?

Is there something holding me back? Yes..the fact that my family is here. But my family will always be here and i can always come back. My grandparents are here(well, this is a thought which i really prefer to put somewhere in a box for the moment. )

I finished school with good grades, satisfied my ego with a scholarship and made my family proud. I was the first of my friends to get a job, i made career plans, worked long hours and sometimes weekends to learn more and become better.

You could say that the next steps for me would be to work the same or harder for the next years, get a good position in a big company, buy a place, get married and have some kids, build a house, take family trips and so on. But what if i don't want these things for me? what if i see all of these as some sort of limitation?

You know when the grass starts to grow through the ground, slowly becoming taller and taller? That's how these thoughts are growing in my head right now, slowly..and who knows, like in the video below, they could die as fast as they grow.

Anyways, for now, all i can think of and imagine is spending my life traveling. God knows, there are advertising agencies almost everywhere, and jobs in marketing as well. 

What about a year in Barcelona, not more than one in London, certainly more than two in France, maybe in a small village near the coast, a summer on an island in Greece sounds nice, a few years in South America and so on. It doesn't sound that bad, does it?

As i was saying to my best friends in an email a few days ago, walking around in a beautiful city, having time in my hands, i remembered another headline, this time from an Emirates commercial ( i know, i love inspirational ads), and that was " When was the last time you did something for the first time?".
So as far as i am concerned, one of the main objectives for the rest of my life is to be able to answer the above question with not more than " a couple of months ago". After all, i have only one life that i know of, and that one is short.

Take care,
Until next time,


**is the headline of a 2006 Hilton campaign with focus on the concept  that  "travel should facilitate meaningful experiences"