InternetCorp's Urban Coolinary Contest- Italian night

It happened about a month ago but i'm still drooling now when i see these photos..


last encounter with the Academy of Economic Studies

before- waiting on the stairs only to be the last student to present his thesis, wearing a Zara skirt and LV shoes ( trying to pull off a Cambridge look to impress my teachers)

after- long live Long Island!



Awesome summer is awesome

D. lounging on Mih.

M. trying to activate Viber on her new phone

Lazy slippers

Lunch at Ipanera

Moon in Vama

Sunrise in Mamaia

Quick visit to On plonge

Mih waiting in the parking lot for a friend

Going back home..



Meanwhile at the office

The Cat Story

Cat is born on Lavi's hand

Cat get's her background

Cat is sleepy so she drinks a Starbucks on her way out

Cat goes to the theater and then you never hear of her again.