Only love for Carola Bianchi

I finally had the time to browse the latest 3 numbers of the Elle magazine...and in the june issue I found something that really caught my eye. I'm talking about the Urban Out Fitter editorial - Fashion editor Carola Bianchi, Photographer David Burton..and I have to admit that i'm the biggest fan of this style..cotton, grey, beige, shorts, trench coats..love,love,love..just before I left in my trip I cut a pair of long grey cotton trousers and turned them over like a sleeve ( does this make any sense to you?:)) it sounds a bit weird)

Anyways..check out the editorial below..

These pictures are from the april issue of Elle italy..it took them 2 months to show it to us..

And what do you think? I might have actually recognized the source of inspiration- a look from Isabel Marant's SS 09  collection..

Really love these outfits, I feel like they're so me..

So, what's your opinion?

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon..



Welcome back

After a looong long time, here I am again..I hope you will forgive me for my abscence which is in fact motivated - long hours at the office and a great trip to barcelona with my friend Sese and her boyfriend Mircea. Do you think that the saying "abscence makes the heart grow fonder" will work this time? :)

In the lovely city of BCN I took a lot of great pictures for the street style section and not only...I can probably make you a list of at least twenty things to do while you are visiting the city of Gaudi..hmm, it sounds pretty interesting, maybe I will make this list in a future post...

So..until I make up my mind regarding the future content of this blog , here is an obsessive song I can't stop listening to..




My fall favs.

Curent Elliot The Corduroy Boyfriend Pants

Jean Michel Cazabat  Giselle Lug Platform Heels

Rebecca Taylor Cable Crew Sweater

 Mason by Michelle Mason Knit Pants

 Thakoon Sporting Jacket

Le gasiti pe toate pe shopbop.com