Only love for Carola Bianchi

I finally had the time to browse the latest 3 numbers of the Elle magazine...and in the june issue I found something that really caught my eye. I'm talking about the Urban Out Fitter editorial - Fashion editor Carola Bianchi, Photographer David Burton..and I have to admit that i'm the biggest fan of this style..cotton, grey, beige, shorts, trench coats..love,love,love..just before I left in my trip I cut a pair of long grey cotton trousers and turned them over like a sleeve ( does this make any sense to you?:)) it sounds a bit weird)

Anyways..check out the editorial below..

These pictures are from the april issue of Elle italy..it took them 2 months to show it to us..

And what do you think? I might have actually recognized the source of inspiration- a look from Isabel Marant's SS 09  collection..

Really love these outfits, I feel like they're so me..

So, what's your opinion?

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon..


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